We'll be at the BioHive Summit November 10th!

What is Bio Utah?

We are happy to announce our new partnership with BioUtah, an independent non-profit trade organization serving the life sciences community in Utah. They focus on advancing and growing Utah’s life sciences industry in both the public and private sectors. By joining BioUtah, we are able to connect and collaborate with other industry members, and contribute to the advancement and innovation of health care.

What is the BioHive Summit?

BioHive Summit is Utah’s premier life sciences and healthcare innovation event. It features both local and national leaders in the life sciences industry, guest speakers, and a chance to discover new insights about BioHive in Utah.

How can I meet with the Prime Path MedTech team?

We will be attending the BioHive Summit on November 10th in Salth Lake City, Utah. Come find our booth and meet with us to learn more about what Prime Path can do for you and get some free swag! You can learn more about tickets and registration here: https://biohivesummit.com/